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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


When some months back, the Delta State Government constituted the state electoral body, DESEIC, Deltans received the new development with joy as expectation for a LG election became very obvious. Politicians and politicians alike started consulting their dictionary for those bogus words that carry no economic hope for the common people. Political activities within the state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and opposition in particular picked up.

Suddenly our wait from one month to two months started taking longer until the BOMBSHELL viz - avis the announcement of the inauguration of a caretaker committee to run the affairs of our councils was dropped by the state governor instead of telling Deltans the date fixed for our LG elections.

 As expected, people rose to condemn the new path taken by the governor. The state branch of the NBA, Civil societies, opposition parties and Deltans from all walks of life shouted 'foul' and branded the move 'illegal and unconstitutional' The State NBA in particular promised to raise down the roof, so also the civil societies and other political pressure groups in the state.

Meanwhile the government, through a statement issued by the Hon. Commissioner for Information, Barr. Chike Ogeah stood its ground and declared that it acted within its constitutional rights.

The State Government went ahead to inaugurate the caretaker committees with their appointed chairmen. The NBA was all over the state labeling the committee as ILLEGAL and threatening to challenge the government’s action in court. While still at it, the inaugurated committees started work, while the NBA, Civil societies and some half baked political pressure groups continued with their ranting.
One would have expected that the state government would be taken to court but nothing happened. Now we are over 3 months into the tenure of these caretaker committees and NOTHING has been heard again from the state NBA or some of these pressure groups through the social media network.

Why didn't the state NBA challenge the state government?

Why didn't some of the bright lawyers we have in the state equally challenge the committee in court?

Could anything have happened that is not known to the public?

Have they been convinced that the committees were not illegal as thought?

Was Uduaghan right in this very case?

If truly the committees are illegal and unconstitutional as claimed by the legal professionals (NBA), civil society, opposition parties and political pressure groups, why has the action of the state government not been decisively challenged up-till this moment?

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